These videos are to accompany the Rustic Sourdough Bread in my new cookbook, The Homemade Table. See pages 300-303 for the Master Bread Recipe, plus variations such as Seeded Sourdough, Roasted Beetroot (or Pumpkin) Sourdough, and Spiced Prune, Hazelnut & Chocolate Bread.

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Sourdough Shaping – Dividing the Dough + First Shape

Part 1. In this video, I demonstrate how to divide the dough into two loaves of bread and then apply the first bench shaping. This dough is a double batch of the Master Recipe: Rustic Sourdough Bread from The Homemade Table cookbook – pages 300 – 303.

Sourdough Shaping – Round

In this video, I demonstrate how to shape a round dough for rising in a round banneton – bread rising basket. Using coarse flour such as rice flour or semolina will assist to prevent the dough from sticking. Plus tension is the key, take time to create tension on the outer surface of the dough and to ‘stitch’ up the dough once it is in the banneton/basket.

Sourdough Shaping – Oval

In this video, I demonstrate how to shape an oval dough for rising in an oval banneton – bread rising basket.

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