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Reviews for The Homemade Table

There are two parts to this book: part one consists of sensational but simple seasonal recipes with spring, summer, autumn, and winter recipes for breakfast, vegetables, dinner and baking; part two focuses on preserves, sourdough, and cultures, with useful master recipes for pickled vegetables, fermented foods, and doughs that can then be adapted to your particular ingredients, tastes and/or needs.

The thing that struck me most about this book is how genuinely practical and useful it will be in any kitchen. That isn’t meant to make it sound purely utilitarian, it’s also a beautiful book. but it’s not one that is going to sit on your coffee table to flick through now and then; it’s made to do some heavy lifting in the kitchen. Reading through it, recipes and techniques that might have seemed merely aspirational – the type of thing I’d tackle ‘one day’ – are explained so well that I wanted to jump up immediately and get on the tools.

It’s also simultaneously a beginner’s guide and a masterclass. With this book at their side, a novice will be left feeling like they really can’t go wrong, while there’s also enough breadth and detail in here to satisfy the cook who wants to level it up and truly master techniques.

Ultimately, as Nicola says in her introduction, this is “more than just a book about preparing homemade meals, although that is a big part of it – it also encompasses a way of living and thinking about food.

Siana Clifford, Cuisine Magazine – Oct/Dec 2022 issue


Nicola Galloway is a bread-baking guru and fermentation goddess – and if you are looking for a place to start on sourdough or pickles, this is the book for you. But there’s also a ton of other goodness here, from quick family dinners to delectable puds and desserts. I’ve bookmarked the chocolate, prune and beetroot brownie and the tahini chocolate slice for easy sharing snacks, and the many beautiful seasonal vegetable dishes will be a source of year-round inspiration.

Niki Bezzant, Thrive Magazine – Oct/Nov 2022 issue


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A selection of feedback from readers for The Homemade Table + Homegrown Kitchen cookbooks:

“I love and adore your cookbook! I can’t remember ever cooking my way through a whole book like I have yours (saying something coming from someone with as big of a cookbook collection as I have!). Simple, fresh, tasty, omnivore…. on my page! I’ve made all your mains and breads and a good chunk of the puds (love the madiera cake). So thank you for all your hard work, your concise explanations (which take me straight to a great dish) and healthy but delicious simple recipes.”
Kath Irvine, Edible Backyard

“I’ve just bought your beautiful cookbook and wanted to say thank you, this is without a doubt the best book I have ever bought. Hands down.” Jess, via email

“I purchased your cookbook at the weekend and I am so thrilled! I can tell that it will be my ‘bible’ in the kitchen. I really appreciate your warm and friendly writing style, it is such an invaluable resource.” Anna, via email.

“Loving your new cookbook, especially the section on sourdough. I have never dared to make a ‘fancy’ loaf that requires more than just a loaf tin to make. Your rustic overnight sourdough recipe was all the inspiration I needed. Baked and tasted it tonight and it is just superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wishing you every success.” Angela, via Facebook

“Thank you so much for producing your gorgeous book. I totally love it. I have cooked this way for years and grow as much of our food as possible. I especially love all the reading in your book, the how you do it and why etc. I love getting a cup of tea and sitting down to study your book, it is something I look forward to every day.” Nadine, via email

“I was really hoping not to love your book so I got it out from the library to flick through. What a beautiful book!! I have got so many recipe books, but will now have to buy this little gem to add to my collection and slowly work through it” – Melanie, via Instagram

“Not only is your book beautiful to look at, the recipes work (and I love that you include variations) and taste great, and the references between pages are easy to use/find.  It feels like a book created with love and gentleness. I am recommending it to everyone I know who likes to cook.  I cycle to work, and it regularly makes the trip back and forth so someone can look at it!” Shona, via email

Frequently asked questions

Will your book be available internationally?

At this time my book is only available in New Zealand bookstores and retailers and through my website. You can order The Homemade Table online HERE for postage to Australia and some other countries.

Where do you get your beautiful props (plates, bowls, cups etc.) and fabrics pictured in the book?

I styled and photographed the majority of the recipes myself for both The Homemade Table and Homegrown Kitchen, plus extra images by my photographer sister Ana Galloway for Homegrown Kitchen. Most of the props, backgrounds, and linens I have gathered secondhand over the 10+ years that I have been photographing for this website and commercial work. I particularly love rustic handmade pottery, and the dinner set in the book is wood-fired pottery commissioned by Paul Melser.

Does your book include gluten- and dairy-free recipes?

Many recipes in The Homemade Table can be made gluten- and/or dairy-free, including ingredient substitutions if applicable. In the Pantry chapter, I have included a section on ‘Gluten-free Know How’ including my gluten-free flour mix and baking powder. I followed a gluten-free diet for many years, and although I now eat some gluten grains (since discovering sourdough!), I still prepare most of my sweet baking with gluten-free flour or spelt flour.

Is the book vegetarian?

The Homemade Table is not an exclusively vegetarian cookbook. However, there are many plant-based and vegetarian recipes in the book including a whole chapter with salads, vegetable sides, soups, and more. For the main meals I cook for my family I like to focus on seasonal vegetables as the heart of the meal so there is a large focus on vegetables in these recipes.

I am having trouble making a sourdough starter, can you help?

As explained in detail in the sourdough chapter of The Homemade Table making a starter takes a little TLC. It is absolutely crucial to use warm water and quality flour (a combination of half white and half wholmeal wheat or rye flour is what I use) to get the starter active, plus keep it in a warm position for the first 4-5 days. For more Sourdough Troubleshooting refer to the sourdough chapter in The Homemade Table, plus this post.







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