My fourth award-winning* cookbook – Homegrown Kitchen – Everyday Recipes for Eating Well – is a culmination of 18 years of studying, researching, and teaching others how to cook and eat well. I sincerely hope that it will find a place in your kitchen, splattered with food, littered with page markers and handwritten jottings in the margin, just like my own favourite cookbooks. It is an insight into how I cook and the reasons behind the techniques I use. The recipes are a combination of notes from my sell-out cooking workshops around New Zealand interwoven with everyday meals I prepare for my family. It is essentially my kitchen wrapped up in the pages of a book.

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Every recipe is accompanied by an image, that I photographed myself in my home kitchen, plus extra lifestlye images by my sister Ana Galloway.

The book begins with the ‘bricks and mortar’ section of the book – Kitchen Essentials. This comprehensive section includes the recipes I make most weeks, sometimes daily, including ghee, yogurt, coconut yogurt, homemade stock, sourdough bread (including gluten-free bread), pastry, nut and seed butter and much more.

A section on Preserving & Fermentation follows with recipes for safely preserving the harvest including preserved fruit pieces, compote, chutney’s and jam, all using minimal sugar – and in some cases no added sugar at all.

I introduce the art of naturally preserving food through lacto-fermentation, one of my favourite subjects and something I have spent years researching and perfecting into the simplest methods so anyone can master them at home.

The rest of the book is divided into Morning, Daytime, Evening and Sweet, and contain the everyday family meals I make most often depending on the season and produce availability.

Selection of my favourite recipes:

KITCHEN ESSENTIALS | Golden Ghee | 5-minute Sourdough Crumpets | No-knead Super Seeded Sourdough Bread | Dairy-free Parsley Pesto

PRESERVING & FERMENTATION | Tomato & Carrot Kasundi | Low-sugar Fruit Conserve | Spicy Kimchi-style Kraut | Lacto-fermented Green Beans (right)

MORNINGS | Protein-boosted Nut & Seed Granola | Golden Brunch Waffles | Overnight Chocolate-Hazelnut Pastries

DAYTIME – Whole-grain Sesame Cracker Breads | Everything Pantry Cookies | Buckwheat Pikelets

EVENING – Miso & Ginger Ramen | Silverbeet Palak Paneer | Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl | Nourishing Broken-bone Chicken Soup | Braised Lentil, Fennel & Sausage Casserole

SWEET – Chocolate & Apricot Fudge | Pumpkin Caramel Slice | Boiled Lemon & Coconut Loaf | Pear & Chocolate Layer Cake | Real-fruit Ice Cream | Double Chocolate Raspberry Puddings

*Please note, Homegrown Kitchen is currently out of print, please register interest in a reprint by clicking the button below.

Register Interest for Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook

*Homegrown Kitchen cookbook was chosen as the 2018 New Zealand winner of the Easy Home Recipes section of The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. It was also shortlisted for Best Cookbook Design in the PANZ 2018 Book Design Awards and received a Highly Commended for Best Cookbook in the 2019 NZ Food Media Awards (where my Homegrown Kitchen website won best NZ Food Website).

“Nicola Galloway’s Homegrown Kitchen is a rare delight: an elegantly produced, thoughtful, and beautifully illustrated companion for any cook or gardener who wants to live well without depriving themselves of any of the good things in life. It’s comprehensive without being preachy, offering sensible nutritional advice, healthy and hearty recipes, and the benefit of 18 years of wholefoods experience. Oh, and it’s gorgeous in every sense of the word. I’m glad she’s taken this long to produce it; the wait was definitely worth it.”

Lynda Hallinan, NZ Gardener editor-at-large.

“Loving your new cookbook, especially the section on sourdough. I have never dared to make a ‘fancy’ loaf that requires more than just a loaf tin to make. Your rustic overnight sourdough recipe was all the inspiration I needed. Baked and tasted it tonight and it is just superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angela, via Facebook

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