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I have decided to add a supporter/member option to my website using the nifty platform Buy Me A Coffee. If you enjoy my recipes and website this is an optional way to support my recipe work and the time involved in keeping my newsletter and website updated.

For over twenty years I have been sharing recipes via my online newsletter and websites available for all to enjoy. You can now support my work by becoming a regular supporter (member), or via one-off contributions. For members (monthly or yearly), I have included some bonuses, including:

  • A monthly email with links to my current recipes (not on my website).
  • The monthly email also includes my popular Favourites List – a curation of what I am enjoying reading, watching, listening, and more.
  • 5% discount on cookbooks, recipe calendars (purchased via my website) and seasonal online cooking classes.

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I don’t run ads on my website or post sponsored content as I want to stay true to my values of sharing recipes without an agenda or promoting products. If you enjoy cooking my recipes and reading the garden musings find out more about supporting my work by following the link above. Either way, I am grateful you are here, and let’s all continue to find the joy in cooking for nourishment on all levels – body, mind and soul.

Eat well, Nicola

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