Feijoa & Ginger Chutney | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

We have five feijoa trees*. We planted three when our son was born (we have this habit of planting fruit trees to celebrate the birth of a child), and then my Dad gave us two more as a birthday present. We didn’t complain, surely you can’t have too many feijoa … Read More

GARDEN: Wonderful Green Crops

Lupin | Homegrown Kitchen

I love to garden, craft and move my body, however, I am by no means an expert in these areas. So I have asked three talented woman to become seasonal contributors here on Homegrown Kitchen. Garden guru Kath Irvine, crafting legend Melissa Wastney and graceful yogi Sam Loe, all share … Read More


A Simple Pumpkin & Chestnut Soup

It is only a short walk from our house. Over a stile, past the neighbourhood donkeys, then up a small hill to an open orchard we often visit in autumn. Open orchards* are fruit and nut trees in public areas and their bounty can be harvested by anyone. The only … Read More

WHITE CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE w/ Strawberry Chia Coulis

White Chocolate Layer Cake w/ Strawberry Chia Coulis | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

She wanted a cake with white icing and strawberries. So a cake with white icing and strawberries is what she got! Although I often share sweet recipes on here, the reality is we actually eat very little sweet foods. Seasonal or preserved fruit with breakfast and sometimes an afternoon smoothie … Read More