This weekend I gardened. It has been quite a few months since I set aside a good chunk of time to potter around the garden. With the launch of my new cookbook 2 months ago it has been a busy time, but life is slowing again and I find myself … Read More


I often plan the recipes I share here weeks in advance. Always beginning with seasonal produce as my inspiration, either growing in the garden or a market find. In fact, this is a reflection of how I cook throughout the year. I first look at the produce available and then … Read More

FIG & CHOCOLATE TORTE + Term 2 Cooking Workshops

It is not unusual to find a random bag or box of produce on our doorstep. Especially in autumn when fruit is plentiful and there is more than enough to go around, a kind neighbour or friend will often drop off their excess. This has been a welcome gift this … Read More

Handmade: SOURDOUGH PAPPARDELLE + Creamy Thyme Mushrooms

I love how serendipitous the rhythm of life is. After a busy few months preparing for my new cookbook to be released I was in desperate need of a little break, and so the slower pace of autumn arrives. Early nights, warm fires and the therapeutic knitting needles are out. … Read More


My new cookbook Homegrown Kitchen officially hit the shelves of bookstores and retailers around New Zealand on 10th April 2017. This is the book that I have always wanted to write – a culmination of 18 years studying, researching and teaching others how to cook and eat well. My sincere … Read More

LUNCHBOX COOKIES with Chilean Guava + Cookbook Launch Invite

I was asked recently in an interview how much time I spend in the garden each week. I flippantly replied around 1-2 hours. Afterwards I thought some more about this, had I been overzealous with my estimation? Surely I must spend more time each week than the length of a … Read More