LITTLE APRICOT CAKES + Sourdough Variation

Nature is such a wonderful mystery. Although I have been gardening in the same garden for over 10 years, every simple year, season for that matter, is different. Sure, there is an underlying rhythm to the seasons but the rest is completely unpredictable. Which in a strange kind of way … Read More

SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATES + Gratitude Sourdough Bread

Today I share two recipes for this season of giving. The first is a recipe that featured in my Homegrown Kitchen 2015 Calendar*. You may remember the little stop-motion video my sister Ana and I made (below) of those decadent Salted Caramel Chocolates. The other is a recipe that has … Read More


Hello summer! The season of abundance and giving, beach and river swims, and regular gatherings with friends and family. Every year I have grand plans of a slower time leading up to Christmas but somehow the calendar fills up with school picnics, end of year events and family barbecues. But … Read More


Our lemon tree appears to be falling over. Or at least that is what we thought and propped it up with a sleeper wedge and wires. The reason for its slanted ways was a bit of a mystery as we rarely get high winds and there didn’t seem to be … Read More

SPRING ASPARAGUS & MINT QUICHE with a Simple Oat & Seed Crust

And I’m back! well almost… I am currently knee-deep in final book editing and the design stage of the cookbook – this is the exciting part, where the past 2 years of writing and researching begins to take shape into the form of an actual book! In between editing bouts … Read More


This is the last in the series of guest recipes from wonderful NZ foodies while I complete my cookbook. The end is very close, and it amazes me how long this book writing process takes, but seeing it all come together is so exciting. Tomorrow we are photographing the book … Read More