Thank you for one of the best cooking classes I have ever attended. You are very generous with your knowledge. I couldn’t help but go home and start a loaf straightaway. Well, at about 10pm anyway, after I had given the ‘feed’ a chance to integrate with the starter you had given us.


Thank you also for such a fantastic course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and got so much out of it. I loved the way you made things so simple and your fix it tips I think will really help. It was also great to hear the experiences of others in the group.


I just wanted to send an email to express how much I’m enjoying your book. I only picked it up yesterday but I’ve already read (almost) all of it, made 3 things plus started the sourdough starter, and there is already food splatters on one of the pages (always a sign of a good cookbook!).


I can’t believe I have had your book for only less than two months! I have honestly used it every day. I have used, loved and reused so many of your recipes already, and have been singing your praises to anyone who mentions food to me!

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