LITTLE RUSTIC TARTS with Creamy Orange Curd

Little Rustic Tart w/ Creamy Orange Curd | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

LITTLE RUSTIC TARTS w/ Creamy Orange Curd

Of-course I am never too busy to make delicious food for my family [partly why writing another book is on the back burner for now]. These are following on from the Valencia Orange & Honey Curd I shared last post. Simply swirled together with creamy homemade yogurt and dolloped into these rustic little tarts cases. A lovely afternoon treat to share with friends sitting in the beautiful spring sun.


  • 1 cup unbleached white flour
  • [gluten-free: use 3/4 cup white rice flour + 1/4 cup tapioca]
  • 1/2 cup ground hazelnuts
  • 1 tablespoon unrefined golden sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 100 g cold butter cubed
  • 1 small free-range egg

Creamy Orange Curd

  • 2/3 cup orange or lemon curd
  • 1 cup thick Greek-style yogurt*


  • Put the flour, ground hazelnuts, sugar and salt into a food processor bowl and pulse to combine. Add the cubed butter and process into a breadcrumb-like texture. Add the egg and pulse half a dozen times to create pea-sized balls. Lay a length of baking paper on the kitchen bench and tip the pastry onto this. Work quickly to shape into a flat disc. Wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  • Preheat oven 180C. Lightly grease a 12-hole muffin tin.
  • Remove the pastry from the fridge and roll out between two pieces of baking paper until 3-4mm thick. Remove the top layer of paper and use a small bowl to cut out 10cm rounds. Carefully lift the pastry rounds and rustically [i.e. a bit of a crinkle here and there is just fine!] line the muffin holes. Re-roll out the off-cuts until you have about 10 little tart cases. Pierce the cases with a fork several times and chill for a further 20 minutes - this will stop the pastry from shrinking too much during cooking.
  • Blind bake the tart cases for 12-15 minutes until lightly golden. Cool completely.
  • In a bowl swirl the orange curd through the creamy yogurt and dollop into the tart cases. These little tarts can be made ahead of time and kept for several days in a sealed container in the fridge.


*If your yogurt is not super thick and creamy, then strain it through a cheesecloth lined sieve for 1 hour to remove some of the whey. This is traditionally how Greek yogurt is made and seriously makes the best creamy yogurt.

If you have been following along here for a while you may have noticed it has been a little quieter than usual this last month. This is partly due to my busy cooking workshop schedule this term, both in Nelson and around New Zealand. And as if I wasn’t busy enough already, I am also working on a little publication including some of my favourite recipes. All will be revealed very soon, as they go to print next week, so don’t go far.

With the help of my graphic designer sister we have put together a selection of mostly brand new recipes. Although in no way are they new for us as they are some of the recipes I cook most often throughout the year. I have been squirreling away quite a few recipes for my next book. However, as this won’t be coming for a few years [until my children are at school], I have instead created something a little smaller and compact. Something both functional and delicious. I can’t wait to share more details soon. For now, here is a little sneak peek.

Little Rustic Tart w/ Creamy Orange Curd | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN


Little Rustic Tart w/ Creamy Orange Curd | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN


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  1. sounds delightful, similar to mums recipe

  2. You have been busy Nicola! Your little tarts are gorgeous, and it’s great that your workshops are going well. It’s wonderful to share what you love with others…and hardly feels like work. I’ll look forward to seeing your new publication 🙂

    1. Thanks Sam! Sure am busy but loving it 🙂 I have been enjoying reading your recipes too but have forgotten my password so for some reason it won’t let me leave a comment. I tried the life changing crackers after you recommendation and they have become a family fav. Thanks!

      1. They’re great aren’t they? Sarah B is one clever girl! Nice to hear from you again x

  3. These look just gorgeous and I bet they taste it too! Will have to try them. Have been following you on instagram, but only just visited your blog – it’s lovely. Can’t wait to read more. x

    1. Thanks Jacqueline, for visiting and enjoy reading. These little tarts are fabulous and so easy to make if you have the orange curd ready to go 🙂

  4. Phew! That was a stressful cook! One curdled egg, strain, restart, will it ever thicken?? Maybe Olivani isn’t hard and butter like enough (was keen to use coconut oil but thought might be too heavy)
    Pondering on what to put in the tarts, stirring, stirring, 15 min, 20 min. Sigh..Finally, it thickened a tiny bit, enough to work! And no good crumbs with pastry cos of Olivani..but, finally, i have tarts and i have a not too bad curd. Will be easier next time round! So, how to get it all nice without having to use Olivani which i don’t like using? Coconut butter maybe?

    1. hehe Dawn, thanks for the giggle! Yes coconut oil works perfectly in this recipe, for the curd and the tarts. I only just saw your message so I hope this isn’t too late!

  5. O, and i was bursting for a Nicola Instant Hotline to ask about coconut oil once i’d already started!
    note to self – read the recipe before commencing cook..

  6. Susan Phillips says:

    Hi, in your instructions for the tart bases you did not mention the ½ cup of ground Hazelnuts do you add this to the base mixture when make the bases? Thank younformyour help.. Cheers Susan

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for pointing this out. Yes you mix this along with the flour and sugar, I have updated the recipe now so it should make sense. Happy cooking 🙂

      1. Susan Phillips says:

        Hi Nicola, thank for your wondrerful, recipe, I went ahead and made them as I needed to get them done before going to work. I had no hazelnut flour so used almond flour and I also used the made up version of gluten free flour, also used cocnut sugar. Was a bit worried also as I only had our home gore chooks eggs which are a tad on the large size, but as the were whizzing in the blender realised to much egg so added some for almond flour and the got that lumply look, so pleased they turned out a treat , did the homemade Greek yoghurt only though with strawberries and a sprinkling of, chocolate,on top, next time I’m going to make them for Christmas I’m going to do a hazelnut butter and banana whizzed together, and spoon in, it’s a nice mixture that keeps for a while in the fridge so can make ahead of time… Yum yum thank you again for you’re MARVELOUS. HELP. BLESSINGS. SUSAN..

        1. Thanks for letting me know. The banana, hazelnut filling will be lovely, like caramel!

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