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Coconut Water Snow

Recently I have been seeing these PINTEREST photos of Snow Cones using brightly [artificially] coloured syrups so decided to give it a go with my slow-roasted grape syrup. As you can see I was not disappointed, the colour is bright and purple! You can use ice cubes of water also however the coconut water ice cubes will hydrate you faster on a HOT day.


  • 1 can/ 350ml coconut water {I used Da' Maha but fresh coconut water would also work well} or water
  • approx. 1 Tbsp Slow-roasted Grape Syrup per glass {any fruit syrup can be used}


  • Pour the coconut water into a ice cube tray - drink the remaining few drops if any. Freeze until completely frozen, about 4 hours minimum.
  • Place the coconut water ice cubes - while admiring the groovy pattern they create - into a blender/ food processor and blitz half a dozen times until 'snow' forms. Drizzle a little cold fruit syrup into the bottom of each glass and spoon the snow over top. Finish with a little extra syrup on top and eat immediately.

We have a grapevine that grows inside our house. Well not literally inside the house, but in our conservatory that doubles as our dining/ family room. Our house has undergone a fair amount of changes and renovations from its original footprint. Mostly by the previous previous owner who added an extra storey [bonus for us], moved the kitchen to the north-side of the house to capture more sunlight [makes sense], and the genius addition of a ‘passive heat’ room (brilliant idea). That is actually what our conservatory is called on the council plans from the early 1990’s. Even more genius as our house is situated in a valley that encounters heavy frosts and only 6 hours of sun rays during the winter months.

Those reading this from the Northern hemisphere may think 6 hours is fantastic in the middle of winter. However, what you may not know is that New Zealand houses are cold. Older houses like ours generally don’t have any insulation in the walls, ceiling or floor (although we have added some), can be rather drafty, and the windows are single pane. And although we don’t get snow in the cities the winters can be very cold and damp. Our ‘passive heat’ conservatory saves the day in winter with its glass exterior and brick floor capturing the heat of the sun and gently warming the house. On the days the sun doesn’t shine we light the fire and keep toasty inside.

What am I talking about winter for anyhow, we are still enjoying long hot days down under… and our grapes are ripe. If you have grapes growing outside they may still be a way off. Ours always come early and even earlier this year with the warm spring we enjoyed. As the grapes turn from green to mauve to deep purple our children’s interest grows. I mean how can they not, here in the room they spend the most time there are sweet little fruits growing almost within reach. As the first grapes begin to ripen we lift them up to pick a few, and then pick whole bunches to be eaten sitting on the kitchen step. Before we know it the majority of the grapes all ripen at once, more than we can eat before they go off. Other years we have thrown a party sending guests home with a few bunches of grapes, and one year we tried wine but it wasn’t great. This year I decided to make something we could preserve, while I am on the subject of preserving.

The idea of this syrup came to me while I was looking for a fruit syrup to add to soda water for a cool drink on these hot afternoons. However, they all contained high amounts of sugar and I really like to limit our intake of sugars. I figured grapes contains natural fruit sugar and by slow-roasting them in the oven the flavour would become concentrated. I squeezed the plump roasted grapes through a cheesecloth and ended up with a thick and sweet syrup. Simply mix 1 part syrup with 4 parts water or soda water for a refreshing summer drink.

Slow-roasted Grape Syrup w/ coconut water snow | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

Slow-roasted Grape Syrup w/ coconut water snow | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

Slow-roasted Grape Syrup w/ coconut water snow | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

Slow-roasted Grape Syrup w/ coconut water snow | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN




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  1. What a clever way to use your grapes. Your conservatory is beautiful from the lighting to the plants and bricks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh Nicola, you look gorgeous in those images!

    1. Thanks Anna! Holger did well pushing the shutter aye?!

  3. Ciao Nicola, this sounds yummy and I love your grapes! Please remember to enter something for Sweet NZ, even more than one recipe if you like as this month there are yummy prizes to be won:


  4. Yum,I made some of this syrup this arvo. I had green,black and red grapes.They smelt great cooking and the skins were even tasty to eat after getting out the juice. Thanks Nicola

  5. Sounds absolutely delicious! I love anything coconut related!

    1. Hi Amanda , this is lovely and refreshing with a delightful coconut flavour.. Enjoy !

  6. Hi,

    The grapes look beautiful growing in the conservatory! Ours grow outside around the backyard. I was just wondering our grapes are very sour and definitely not table grapes, could we still try this recipe out with them?


    1. Hi Janice, our grapes are sweet, though they have a thick skin so the kids usually suck out the inside and leave the skin which is a little tart. You may need to add a little sugar, I would roast the grapes first before adding sugar then add to the squeezed syrup if needed. good luck !

  7. nzecochick says:

    Wow I LOVE your heat room! I want one now!!! Wonder where I can build one. You look amaizng in the photos! I have a huge old grape vine here that is so amazing this year I am so going to make some this syrup. Thanks for the great idea Mx

    1. Isn’t it awesome! I remember walking into the sunroom when we were looking at buying the house and falling in love with it. I was sold and I hadn’t even seen the rest of the house, which luckily is pretty nice too. Enjoy the syrup, its amazing how sweet it is even without any sugar added. Happy cooking!

  8. I made this today so easy and so yummy and addictive! Will get some more grapes tomorrow. Great way to preserve grapes. You’re right my house smelt amazing!!! Thanks so much Mx

    1. Hi Madeleine, that is great! Our grapes are so early so I am glad you remembered this recipe for your own grapes. We just used some of our preserved grape syrup last weekend to make a punch for Mika’s birthday.

  9. Chelsea Cameron says:

    Just made this and decided to make some into a mulled grape juice. As a non-alcoholic alternative. Worked so well I might have to do extra syrup next year!

    1. That is great to hear. I like the sound of the mulled grape juice, will have to give that a try one of these cold nights!

  10. Mai Thi Pham says:

    So easy to make from your recipe
    . Why i can not find any product in nz market? Thanks

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