LUNCHBOX COOKIES with Chilean Guava + Cookbook Launch Invite

I was asked recently in an interview how much time I spend in the garden each week. I flippantly replied around 1-2 hours. Afterwards I thought some more about this, had I been overzealous with my estimation? Surely I must spend more time each week than the length of a … Read More


Some of the best food I have ever experienced was during a visit to the Greek Islands. My mum was house-sitting for several months on the island of Paros (as you do), so I flew across the world to visit her. It was winter so the tavernas (small Greek restaurants … Read More


And just like that it is spring! The change of season was more noticeable this year after the long cold winter, don’t you think? It seemed to literally change overnight. One day we were rugging up before heading outside, and the next we were shedding long sleeves to let the … Read More


One of the first things I learned to grow was beetroot. In my early days of gardening I was rather ambitious, growing all these exotic things because they sounded like fun – like Borlotto Fire Tongue Bean. However, as the years have passed I have worked out it is so … Read More


My tomato plants have been rather disappointing this year. I am not sure why considering we have had long hot days so essential for these heat loving solanaceae. I thought I had it all perfectly planned for success, I planted them in a different location from last year, spaced them … Read More


If you are relatively new to growing food a good place to start is legumes such as peas, beans and broad beans. They are one of the easiest and most satisfying edibles to grow, plus they feed the soil with nitrogen as they grow. It is win win for everyone … Read More

CAVOLO NERO *KALE* CHIPS + The Winter Garden

Kale is something I hold dear to my heart. I actually met my other half over a bunch of kale at the Nelson Market. And after several years of admiring each other from afar we eventually connected over a cup of hot chai [incidentally at the market again] and conversation … Read More

HOMEGROWN SWEET CORN + Corn & Pesto Nuggets

Today for lunch I made these sweet little corn and pesto nuggets. For some reason my children turn up their noses to pieces of whole corn in a fritter so instead I grated the corn into the mixture. Success! They eagerly ate them sitting on the kitchen floor while dunking … Read More

THAI FISH & QUINOA CAKES + Lime Hollandiase

I have some exciting news. We off on a 2 month trip to visit family in Central America. When you read this we will be somewhere between New Zealand and Panama City. You see, my Mum married a Cuban man several years ago and as Cuba has always been at … Read More

GRILLED BANANA MUFFINS + Part One: Direct Sowing Seeds

August marks the beginning of my summer garden. Although we are still immersed in winter (…barely), August is the month to start planning and sowing seeds for a summer bounty. If you are new to gardening it may seem strange to be thinking about sowing tomatoes while the sun is … Read More

PEAR & BERRY GALETTE + Planting Garlic

This weekend we passed the shortest day of the year. In New Zealand we also celebrate Matariki – the Maori New Year – around the shortest day (the official date changes each year depending the stars, how cool is that). Matariki is a time to give thanks for last years … Read More