Spring is truly here and the garden is alive with activity. I have been taking advantage of the warmer weather with some more fermenting… Last week I made a sourdough starter to use for bread making, pizza dough, pancakes and more…

Orange & Carrot Cupcakes

It is raining again… There are rumors circulating that this is the 10th weekend in a row it has rained in Nelson! We are certainly not living up to our namesake of sunny Nelson. Last year we gained the sunniest region title, which I very much doubt will be repeated … Read More

Pickled Beetroot

This month I have been re-visiting the art of vegetable pickling or more accurately lacto-fermented vegetables. This is a kitchen practice I have dabbled with in the past but not so much recently with two young children my precious kitchen hours are taken up with the bare essentials required in … Read More