Country Kitchen: DANDELION BITTERS Spring Tonic

Today I share another guest recipe while I complete my next cookbook manuscript (only a few weeks to go!). Hannah shares wholesome recipes on her online journal Country Kitchen and creates handcrafted botanical products, as well as being a busy Mum of 2 littlies. She has assisted me on several … Read More


Wow, winter has truly arrived! For a while there I thought we would get off lightly this year with a mild winter, however, these last few days have been some of the coldest I remember while living in this house. Although, there was that winter when the pipes froze… but … Read More

WINTER CAESAR SALAD with Kale & Brussels Sprouts

Firstly, Thank-you… for all the support and encouragement for my new cookbook. I truly can’t wait to share it with you early next year. I have read through every single survey response – over 400 of them! – taking notes (some that will be used at a later date) and … Read More

CHAI-SPICED BIRCHER MUESLI with Chia Seeds and Apple

I have a love/hate relationship with breakfast. I know it is the most important meal of the day to set us up for the day ahead. And in the weekends when there is more time at hand it is not unusual to have two or three breakfast sittings in our … Read More