I recently had a TV crew visit my garden to film a segment for a show in the New Year. The weeks leading up to the day I weeded and tidied my garden. However, looking neat wasn’t going to make my South Island veggie garden very exciting to film. Sure, … Read More

BAKED LENTIL & CAULIFLOWER DHAL with Curried Toasted Seeds

One of the most frequently requested dinners in our house is dhal. We are not vegetarian, but I do like to include plant protein meals regularly in our meal rotation. I have prepared a stove top dhal for many years but this year I branched out into the realm of … Read More


This is just a little bit exciting… starting this week I am sharing my Homegrown Kitchen recipes in Fairfax newspapers around New Zealand and on Being asked to write a nationwide recipe column is a dream come true after quietly working away in my little corner of the web … Read More

HELLO SPRING! Salad with Grilled Orange & Miso Dressing

Technically tomorrow is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere. And it couldn’t come soon enough – was it just me or was winter WAY to long this year!? I am usually a happy cooler weather person, enjoying the swing of the seasons and all they bring. For … Read More

CHAI TEA MIX with Orange and Rooibos

Today I revisit a recipe that I shared here some years ago. There are some recipes I come back to every season like they are imprinted in my DNA and this is one of them. This simple chai tea mix makes a large quantity to last up to week – … Read More