CHAI TEA MIX with Orange and Rooibos

Today I revisit a recipe that I shared here some years ago. There are some recipes I come back to every season like they are imprinted in my DNA and this is one of them. This simple chai tea mix makes a large quantity to last up to week – … Read More


I often plan the recipes I share here weeks in advance. Always beginning with seasonal produce as my inspiration, either growing in the garden or a market find. In fact, this is a reflection of how I cook throughout the year. I first look at the produce available and then … Read More


My new cookbook Homegrown Kitchen officially hit the shelves of bookstores and retailers around New Zealand on 10th April 2017. This is the book that I have always wanted to write – a culmination of 18 years studying, researching and teaching others how to cook and eat well. My sincere … Read More

CHAI-SPICED BIRCHER MUESLI with Chia Seeds and Apple

I have a love/hate relationship with breakfast. I know it is the most important meal of the day to set us up for the day ahead. And in the weekends when there is more time at hand it is not unusual to have two or three breakfast sittings in our … Read More


My goodness, is it already Summer? It only feels like a few months ago we had a pantry stacked full with freshly made summer preserves. Then again, I suppose it was just last week that we opened our last jar of plums. I am hoping this preserving season we can … Read More